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From 1995 to today ...
Welcome to Shanghai Yingda Electronics Web site, we are OEM supplier and manufacturer of the broadband fiber-optic network and the HFC network equipment.Our Corporation has been certified to Product suppliers for 15 years by the State Administration of Radio, Television , all the products show the perfect design and configuration, high standards and high-performance; with the credibility of good customer service, market-oriented, low-cost production and rapid export products, excellent logistics and distribution logistics services.
Products: light-contact, laser transmitters, optical receivers, two-way amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, splitters, distributor, high-pass filter, coaxial attenuator, a variety of forward, backward, reverse equalizer.
Our market is distributed in the United States, Western Europe, Asia, we are able to customize the products in accordance with your specifications and requirements, We can follow your requirements to design the product are satisfing.
The quality, reliability and service are our companys purpose and honor.
We have fixed input channel of OEM products in Western Europe and the United States. We hope to build our products input channel in Eastern Europe. Welcome to discuss business cooperation by E-mail or phone.