Looking for a Better Way?

When it comes to the consolidation of fiber, nothing comes close to Clearfield’s approach to fiber management, promising scalable deployment, craft-friendly operation and unsurpassed performance.

See Clearfield for the Clearview Cassette, for a modular building-block for the entire FieldSmart platform of panels, frames, wall boxes and cabinets. You’ll reap the benefits of a scalable and flexible architecture that can take you from the CO or headend all the way to the final D-mark.

See Clearfield for in-cassette patch and splice configurations to reduce your field splicing costs and to in-cassette WaveSmart optical components for cost-effective wave-length splitting and bandwidth optimization.

See Clearfield for last mile deployment ease with FieldShield pushable fiber. This system of optical fiber cables, micorducts and multiport field deployment devices take the industry’s best bend-insensitive glass and makes it easier, less intrusive and less expensive to install.

Clearfield is delivering the promise of “Labor-Lite” – the next frontier in plug-and-play technology. By teaming FieldSmart and FieldShield, service providers reduce labor time and required skill level from pre-engineering all the way to construction. for fiber without compromise.